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Come along to Dads v Dads every Sunday or Monday and play football with like minded people in a safe environment.

All you have to do is click on the link, pay online and turn up and play! It's that easy!

No hassle to organise

No more last minute calls trying to find enough players, no more drop outs ruining the game or making it too expensive.

No aggressive play

Everyone makes all new players welcome, We know the more involved = more game options. We don't use referees so we ask all players to play in a way that encourages participation, so no aggressive play!

No easy games

Everyone gets to know everyone, so it gets competitive enough. The organisers get to build an understanding of fitness and ability so they can prepare the game format and teams ready for the nights match or mini tournament.

No commitment

We know sometimes you are busy. If you miss weeks, no worries you don't lose your space, come and play again when you can fit it in.


Normally 6,7,8 or 9 a side. One hour games no substitutes. No one gets stuck in goal. Different night and venues. Pay online up to and including the day of the game!