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Tuesday 17th April will go down in the history books of Birmingham Walking Football Club (BWFC) as the date of the first Over 70s competitive tournament (one of the first in the UK).

BWFC hosted a team from Cirencester at the Solihull ground. Wednesday over 70s session has over 20 players. Therefore it was decided to put in two teams and play a “round robin tournament” of 6 fifteen min games, so that each team played each other twice.

BWFC comprised two teams Blue and Yellow. The Yellow team and Cirencester both had 2 rising 70s in their line-up.

The first game, Yellow v Cirencester resulted in a 1-0 victory to the home side. The only goal scored by Ray Homer (a rising 70). Cirencester were getting used to the pitch but were restricted to well- struck but off target shots.

The second game, Blue v Cirencester ended 0-0. Cirencester got into their stride following an early scare when Mike Baker was foiled with a good save.. At one stage Blue had only 5 men on the field with Roy Atkins and Alan Hanbury on a blue card.

The third game was a local derby, Blue v Yellow. Ending with a 1-0 win for Blue with a well struck effort from Alan Hanbury. This was nearly cancelled out after Alan gave away a penalty for encroaching the area to save a shot on target. Luckily the penalty was saved by Geoff Harman.

The return games commenced with Yellow losing 1-0 to Cirencester. Yellow were unlucky not to score as a saved shot rebounded into the goal but was not given by the referee as he was unsighted (a well-known advert comes to mind).

Blue v Cirencester also ended 0-1, Blues succumbing to a single goal after some sloppy defending.

The return derby ended with a 2-0 victory to the Blue team with goals from Alan Hanbury and Roy Atkins (the youngest over 70 at just 70) This result meant that BWFC Blue topped the table from Cirencester on goal difference scoring 3-1 to Cirencester’s 2-1.

Thanks to Cirencester for a very friendly and enjoyable tournament and they are looking forward to revenge at their site in September.

BWFC yellow 1 -0 Cirencester BWFC blue 0 - 0 Cirencester BWFC blue 1 - 0 BWFC yellow Cirencester 1 -0 BWFC yellow Cirencester 1-0 BWFC blue BWFC blue 2-0 BWFC yellow BWFC blue P4 W2 D1 L1 GD +2 Cirencester P4 W2 D1 L1 +1 BWFC Yellow P4 W1 L3

BWFC Blue; Geoff Harman, Alan Hanbury. Colin O’Brennan, Roy Atkins, Derek Adderley, Alan Bailley and Mike Baker.

BWFC Yellow. Keith Phipps, Ray Pedley, Roger Guise, Dave Marsh, Chris Barker, Harry Ford, Ray Homer and Ray Deeley.

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