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Today BWFC took a less mobile Walking Football team to West Bromwich Albions Dome, to play in a disability tournament against 6 other teams playing 5 a side 10 minute games.

For three games keeper Billy Pears kept a clean sheet with the team winning all three games scoring a total of 15 goals! David Eyles was on fire scoring goal after goal and super sub Phil Haynes contributed to the score sheet and performed well throughout. The fourth game on the bounce without a break saw Portway A team slip one past the keeper but the match finished with BWFC gaining yet another win 3-1.

The next game against Hallam Street finished with a comfortable 4-1 but the teams next match would proved to be their toughest yet. Sandwell Collage A team were a very young talented side took the lead with a well struck long shot in the first few minutes of the game. Roger Sutton replied with an excellent leveler and with a solid defense in John Atkins and Mick Hildick the final score remained 1-1. Birmingham finished top of the table and were to meet Portway A in the semis. From the kick off Birmingham controlled the game receiving an early penalty for a Portway defender entering the area. From then on three further goals hit the back of the net for Birmingham to go through to the finals!

The Final.

Sandwell College A took the lead in the final against a tired BWFC side. Their age and fitness gave them the upper hand in the following 10 mins when shot after shot was made at the Birmingham keeper who made some good saves. But the energy levels of the side were simply not good enough to keep up with Sandwell and the match ended in a 3-1 defeat. Thank you to West Bromwich for a great tournament with teams playing the game in good humor and sportsmanship.

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