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What a fantastic day - the facilities, the staff and the activities on offer - it was the first time we have managed to gather all 5 England Walking Football teams together and we were made to feel so welcome. The staff were professional and approachable - and the activities of Strength and Conditioning and Sports Psychology were excellent - fun, engaging and perfectly pitched. We have heard from most of the 90 people who attended, and, without exception, the feedback was extremely positive and full or superlatives - We are naturally keen to develop this partnership.

The women 40s and 50s played an internal match within their age group before playing against each other. The referees commented on how wonderful they were to referee, and, as coach, I would also say how keen to learn they are. The 70s carried out a training session before playing an internal match.

The men’s 50s and 60s formed 3 teams - they all played against each other within the age group and each 50s team played one match against a 60s team. This was a very useful exercise as both managers narrow their squads down for the upcoming world cup - 'The quality of walking football on show was of the very highest standard’ – commented our friends from France Walking Football who were over to observe and learn and they were very impressed with what they saw.

Next for both 50s and 60s are matches against regional teams and for the 2 women's teams and the 70s an historic occasion at St Georges Park.


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