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Please see an email below that I was in the process of sending out last night until the most recent government update. It shows the measures that we are taking at the club and some useful information about the virus. What it also highlights is the ever changing picture that we now face.

With regards to the messages I am now receiving about today’s sessions … they remain ON presently, I have an issue with informing people who are not on email etc, so I reiterate today's sessions are ON. I would draw your attention to the statement below where ‘if in doubt … DO NOT COME!’

The over 70’s session Wednesday morning (AT BEECHCROFT) is SUSPENDED till further notice as is the less mobile session (AT BEECHCROFT) on Tuesday mornings.

I will be in touch later with an update of sessions past Wednesday morning as we absorb the most recent update.

Take care and stay safe,


Hello everyone,

As a club we are actively monitoring government advice on a regular basis and until we are notified otherwise all sessions will continue to run as normal.

However, the Over 70’s session on Wednesday morning will be monitored even closer, it will be ON until further notice and we will be in touch if anything changes.

Although the club will continue to operate, as normal as possible, we think it prudent to implement some safety measures ….

  • As previously stated, handshakes are optional, however we think it now best that people avoid handshakes.

  • Goalkeeper gloves will remain in the clubhouse and not used at the session, if anyone wishes to bring their own then they are more than welcome.

  • Kitchen area … the communal biscuit tin will be removed at Beechcroft, this doesn’t mean biscuits are banned (there’s no need panic, John Berry) you are allowed to consume your own on the premises, we are just taking away the ‘everyone’s hands in the tin’ scenario! If you use the communal cups for teas and coffee’s, please make sure you clean them before and afterwards.

  • Cleaning of the communal areas has been stepped up although we would ask that people wash hands on entering and exiting the clubs. Hand sanitiser machines have been ordered, for some time now and we are assured that these will be delivered at the end of this week. Please use them when they are installed, they will be situated by the main entrances.

For more information about the virus and its effects click on ….

We think it’s important to remain positive where possible and we would also draw your attention to the following

If you are categorised as in a vulnerable position and you are worried about the effects of the virus .. DO NOT COME, we’ll still be here when this thing settles down, we would rather you be safe and well. We will ride this thing out if we stick together and help each other out where possible.

Take care.

Paul Murtagh


Birmingham Walking Football Club

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