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Congratulations to ALL those women who take part in our ladies only walking football sessions at Beechcroft and Solihull Football Centre.

Since the inception of walking football at Beechcroft in 2014 women have been attending our sessions alongside the men. In the early days there were only a few ladies attending, Sue, Kathy, Caz and Tru, who stuck with us, and continue to be part of our great club.

After a number of years we began a ladies only session on a Friday night and to our surprise was attended by 17 women all keen to give the game a try. Soon after our sister club Solihull Football Centre hosted a Monday night session which again has been a hit. We are proud to say since starting the girls have played and won in their very first FA Peoples Cup 2019 and been the over 50's Dick Kerr Ladies winners two years in a row (2018 & 19). We would like to thank all those who coach, organise and promote our club and of course the members whom without them this award would not be possible.

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