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So yesterday Beechcroft and Solihull Football Centre opened their doors for the first time this year! A fantastic show of support from all members and players with all sessions booked out! Great to see you all back training, but please remember not to arrive too early for your session and sanitise before and after.

Bookings are taken a week in advance so you can book at any point during the day, 7 days prior to the day you want to come. For example, you can book from 12:15AM on Friday for the following Friday, you don’t have to wait for the Friday session to end before you re-book. If sessions are full you can be put on a wait list. If anyone cancels their slot the first person on the wait list gets an email inviting them to take the place. If the email offer is not accepted or declined within 30 minutes the place gets offered to the next person on the list and so on, so it's worth checking your mail regularly! BOOK HERE TODAY


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