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WFA over 60s women inter regional report

South 2 v 1 North

Rohan (2) Rose

South 4 v 0 Midlands



Pearce (2)

Midlands 0 v 1 North


North 3 v 1 South

C Trigg (3) Meek

South 2 v 1 Midlands

Baldwin (2) Hector

Midlands 0 v 1 North


Team P Pts GD F A

South 4 9 +4 9 5

North 4 9 +3 6 3

Midlands 4 0 -7 1 8


Jo Rohan 3

Chris Trigg 3

Sarah Baldwin 3

Morag Pearce 2

Julie Rose 2

Julie Birchall

Sharon Meek

Sue Hector

A great afternoon’s football was had by all, as over 30 high quality female footballers turned up for the first ever WFA inter regional competition for women (this was an over 60s event – the first of its kind).

All of the games, with just one exception, were hard-fought, close games where either team could have won, but overall the win went to the Southern team, on a very close goal difference from the Northern team.

However, the Midlands team, despite getting no points, on the day, were the most improved team as the afternoon went on and could, and should, have earned a few points based on their performances on the day.

The scores from the game are highlighted above, but the results were less important than the general atmosphere generated by the players on the day and the teams involved particularly.

Particular credit has to go to Brendan who refereed the afternoon superbly & fairly and made sure it stayed an enjoyable, but properly run, even!

A lot of games were improving in quality, as the afternoon wore on, with the teams on show getting more used to each other, which was fantastic, especially as many of the players never having played in the same team and as a result the national manager, Tim Richens, busy watching, has now been left with some real headaches as to how to whittle down this excellent group into a smaller National Squad, a national side which will undoubtedly be of great quality!

The goalkeepers on the made a series of excellent saves, and put in some fine performances, and the defenders on show were also high quality, but the greatest credit (as always!) had to go to the forwards who showed their value to their teams by getting crucial goals at crucial times - with Jo Rohan and Chris Trigg leading the way with three goals apiece (Trigg getting hers in a hat trick in one game against their main rivals – the South) but also a number of vital goals scored by other excellent players on the day.

The session ended with a particularly enjoyable chat and drink after the game in the bar at the Solihull football centre, where many friendships were made or cemented even further.

It was agreed that overall, everyone in attendance, is already looking forward to the next event of this type.


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